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Here are just a few questions frequently asked by customers. Feel free to email any additional questions you may have.

What to expect during the intake portion of my massage?

Intake in considered part of your session. It is typically a quick chat going over your medical history and what concerns you today that we plan to work on. I will ask questions as needed to get all the information I can to prepare myself and you for your treatment. This is also the time I go over my plan on how I suggest we proceed. Bring on the customization!! We talk tool work, my flow for the session, what I will and will not be working on and typically the order I will go in. I want you to be 100% informed on what I'm doing and where I will be working. If at ever you don't like the sound of something there is usually an alternative method to receive the same results. My goal is to make you comfortable in your session. Your trust is important to me! 

What does "dress down to my comfort level mean"?

This is a good question! You are welcome to take off or leave on as much clothing as you'd like. You are professionally draped 100% of the time. Please dress comfortably for your session. Sometimes stretching is a great tool in massage.

"Oh no Patricia, I have to cancel!!" What happens now?

Hey! No worries it happens. If you cancel outside of the 24-hours before your session just jump on your account and feel free to cancel or move your appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or no show, you will have to call or text me to cancel. I do require you to pay 100% of your session for missed appointments. The same goes for me! If I have to cancel last minute your session is on me!

Do you offer gift cards?

OHHH YES! They are available all year on my website! It's always best to join my email list and follow me on social media. I do several promotions a year that only get advertised through those platforms. It's pretty hush hush around here. 

Do you offer mobile massage?

Yes, I do! Current clients are always welcome to book a mobile session. This is offered for 60 or 90 minute sessions only. The standard travel fee is $35. This covers any clients 10 miles from either office. Extra charges may be added if you are outside that radius. If there is more than 1 person getting a massage in your household, you will only be charged 1 travel fee. Any new mobile clients must be referred to by a current client!!! 

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